Usage of Mobile Phones for Refueling and Controlling Fuel Consumption

The client:

Regional gas station network, which operates in the Siberian Federal District, Russia.

The scope

The regional gas station network operating in the Siberian Federal District was faced with a task of developing a system for corporate customers. The current system is based on the use of smart cards. The main disadvantages of this system were:

  • Expenses related to the issuing of cards
  • The need to install special card readers at gas stations and additional costs for their maintenance
  • Drivers cannot check remaining balance on the card, it can be done only at the gas station with the reader
  • No online statistics on fuel consumption, both on the side of the filling station company and on the side of corporate clients
  • No functionality to change the operational limits of fuel allocated for specific vehicles

The solution

The solution developed by our company allowed the use of mobile phones instead of smart cards to refuel and to contro fuel consumption. The technological basis of the new system was an USSD dialogue, which provided an opportunity for interactive communication of drivers with the system from any phone model and without the use of mobile data. Within a short time, with the help of our Mobilizer and SDP platforms, we implemented the solution. It allows to:

  • Replace the use of smart cards for drivers’ mobile phones, which completely eliminates the cost of card issuance and the maintenance of card reader infrastructure
  • Conduct interactive communications between the driver and the system by using a cell phone, which allows to quickly check the fuel residual limit allocated to the vehicle and to perform actions for refueling
  • Refuel the vehicle without leaving the cab. Fuel type and volume can be set by the driver with the help of the USSD menu on his mobile phone
  • Quickly get real-time information on fuel consumption and perform actions to limit consumption

The system has been field-tested and demonstrated its high efficiency. Currently, there are preparations for its widespread adoption.

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Usage of mobile phones instead of smart cards for refuelling and controlling fuel consumption

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