High-performance Mobile System for Money Transfers

The client:

One of the largest aggregators of Nigerian mobile payments and transfers was connected to the USSD channel.

The scope

The Nigerian government has defined the development of systems for money transfers using mobile phones as a top priority in the field of financial services for the Nigerian population. For this, operators of financial services were granted 16 licenses for the operation of mobile money. One of the main stipulated conditions was the use of basic mobile devices without access to the Internet, by using basic telecommunication technologies – SMS and USSD – which can operate on almost all mobile phones.

The solution

The most difficult task in creating a system of money transfer via mobile phones is a need for the integration of mobile money transfer services with several mobile operators (there are four operators in Nigeria), and with numerous banks. The project was implemented by our company together with a Nigerian partner. Our platform was used to develop systems and services for a money remittance open platform. The platform provides a “develop once, and it works for all mobile operators” principle for USSD services. For transaction processing, integration with mobile operators and banks, as well as the collection of statistics, we used our Service Delivery Platform. Using the platform in the development of the system reduced labor costs for the development by more than 60%.

At the moment, the system is successfully exploited, showing a constant increase in the number of payment transactions.

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A system of money transfer via mobile phones

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