Eyeline SMS/USSD Center


Eyeline SMS/USSD Center is a platform that focuses on maximum reliability and speed of information transmission. It combines both SMS and USSD support in one package, offering the best value for money. The center can be easily installed in the customer’s cellular network, and expand the current technical facilities to increase network bandwidth. Interaction with external systems (switch, billing, service applications) is carried out according to standard protocols (SS7 (E1/T1, M3UA (SIGTRAN)), SMPP 3.4, TCP / IP), which provides compatibility with systems from other manufacturers.

  • Open architecture for developers to make information like weather forecast, currency rates, news, tweets, etc. accessible through SMS and/or USSD;
  • Delivery of messages sent by e-mail to mobile devices in the form of short messages, delivery of short messages sent from mobile devices to e-mails;
  • Repeated delivery attempts if the first attempt is unsuccessful;
  • Data base access using short messages;
  • Prioritized delivery of short messages based on the sender’s status;
  • Reception, storage, and delivery of SMS and USSD messages;
  • Sender notification of the result of short message deliver;
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