Ready-made platform for professional work in instant messengers

Our visual editor and ready-made plug-ins allows easy implementation of chatbots and USSD/SMS services even by amateur users. At the same time, the advanced API allows developers to have the flexibility to implement complex solutions.

  • Support of multiple messengers allows you to cover all segments of the audience without blowing up budgets for development and support
  • Support of AI technologies together with the menu helps to improve the user experience, simplify the interface and improve the quality of service
  • Automatic collection of statistics and analytics allows managers and owners manage the quality of customer service based on metrics
We make it simple to create a cross-platform bot within minutes

A cross-platform chatbot is a chatbot that works across multiple messenger platforms simultaneously. We currently support Telegram, Viber, Vkontakte, as well as Facebook and Skype through Microsoft Bot Framework. Once you create a chatbot on our platform it works on all mentioned messengers.

We’ve helped major companies to build and integrate chatbots into existing workflow. Here’s why you should consider us:

  • Easy to use. To create a simple chatbot you don’t need to be a programmer, being an advanced user is enough.
  • Rapidly growing with new features. We’re constantly bringing in features that we know will be useful for your business.
  • First class support. Enterprise ready performance. Various levels of technical support and excellent performance under high load.


  1. Integration with Google Analytics. All functionality available for web sites, are available for your bots. Real-time views let you know how users use your bot, demographics, language and location, etc.

  2. Integration with API.AI. Its functionality include Voice Recognition + Text-to-Speech + Natural Language Understanding. You can easily add conversational AI in a predefined Miniapps bot that has a menu.

  3. Create content without any coding. You can build bot structure just by typing your text content, the code will generate automatically. What you see is what you get.

  4. Once you created the bot, it works everywhere. All further changes are reflected on all platforms too. It tremendously cuts down costs on development and maintenance.

  5. Verify users by phone number: via a dedicated phone number or via SMS. Verification can be performed at any step of your bot, by asking a user to call a provided number. The feature is easily added via Visual Builder.

  6. tiPay is our complete payment system for in-bot purchases. While connecting to an existing business model is a great way to monetize bots, tiPay allows to make your bot the sole source of revenue.

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